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edding POS Display Pen Case - 1200 colourpens


  • $13,770.00

Fibrepens – light paper and card

  • Fibrepens are ideal for creative writing and colouring, for notes, drawings and layouts.
  • Water-based ink in a very large range of vivid colours.
  • Various nibs and stroke widths available.
  • These fibrepens are ideal for everyday writing, sketching, note taking and drawing

edding 1200 fibrepen

  • Fibrepen with bullet nib, for writing and drawing. Water-based ink. Ink water-soluble until dry.

The edding 1200 pen cases – for all edding fans. Instantly recognisable thanks to their distinctive design and shape.

1200/10 S Case with 10 pens. 4-1200-10-999

Display - 9 Pen Cases per Stand - 10 Markers in each cae
Colours: 001-010.
Dimensions: height 220 x Ø 49 mm.

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