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edding 353/2 Refillable Board Marker Set


  • $750.00

edding 353/2 Refillable Board Marker Set

Blister Pack with 2 Board Markers  and one Bottle of Refill Ink for Markers - BT-30.


  • Aluminium Body Chisel Tip Markers
  • One bottle - edding BT30 refills Marker 15 times.
  • Equivalent to 17 Markers.
  • Durable, Long Life Markers
  1. Markers are refillable, once ink runs out, recharge filter from Drip Bottle
  2. Aluminium Body marker for longer lasting use
  3. Twin life Replaceable Tips available - each tip has two sides which can be turned around or replaced when edges get frayed
  4. Cap Off Feature - cap can be left of for 3 days before marker is ruined.

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