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Legamaster Magic Chart Clearboard 60 x 80 cm - 25 sheets / roll


  • $12,180.00

Magic Chart Clearboard

Magic-Chart is a ready-to-use solution for any spontaneous or scheduled meeting. Magic-Chart provides an instant writing surface – even when a whiteboard or flipchart is not available – as the electrostatic film sticks easily to almost any surface (wood, concrete, glass and wallpaper). No adhesive is required and Magic-Chart does not leave any marks.

Magic-Chart clearboard foil 60x80cm

  • Collaborate successfully with ready-to-use writing surfaces
  • Meet anytime and anywhere - you only need a flat surface
  • Trigger creativity in your team, there is enough writing space for everyone
  • Have interaction-based, dynamic and effective sessions
  • Visualize your ideas when brainstorming, mind-mapping, planning or teaching
  • Always come prepared to any meeting or workshop


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