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tesa® Permanent Adhesive tesa Roller (disposable)


  • $480.00

The tesa® Roller Permanent ecoLogo® disposable offers a precise and environment-friendly way to apply glue to typical office materials like paper, cardboard or photos.

The adhesive roller features a bonding agent designed for strong and permanent adhesion. It is an eco-friendly product made from 100% recycled plastic and contains an adhesive agent free from any toxic solvents.

The slight reddish tint of the glue helps to clearly see where it was applied to support precise application.


  • Made from 100% recycled plastic (housing)
  • Strong adhesion
  • Clean, fast & permanent bonding
  • Glues paper, cardboard, photos
  • Reddish glue shows where adhesive has been applied
  • Tear resistant backing (PET)
  • Solvent free
  • Tape length: 8.5m
  • Tape width: 8.4m

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