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tesa® Invisible Tape 33mx19mm


  • $240.00

tesafilm® invisible is exactly what the name indicates: a virtually invisible self-adhesive tape designed to unobtrusively repair a torn document or join two pieces of paper.

The PVC and solvent free tape will not show on photostatic copies and remains invisible to the eye on most light-colored papers. In addition, tesafilm® invisible can be written on and comes off easily from any solid surface.

It unwinds silently and matches all tesafilm® dispensers. Almost invisible on light-coloured paper


  • Can be written on with almost all pens
  • Easy handling
  • Photocopy-neutral
  • High age-resistance
  • Silent unwinding
  • Easy and quick to remove from firm surfaces
  • PP foil and solvent-free adhesive
  • Suitable for use in all available tesafilm® dispensers

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