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tesa® Double Sided tape Powerbond Ultra Strong 1.5m X 19mm


  • $650.00

tesa Powerbond® ULTRA STRONG is our strongest double-sided tape. Specially made to give an extra strong and secure hold on solid surfaces like tiles, metal and most plastics - even minor surface irregularities aren't a problem as the tape compensates.

Ideal for permanently mounting objects of up to 10 mm thick with weights of up to 6 kg per object, with no need for a hammer or a drill.

Capable of holding up to 10 kg per 10 cm of tape when conditions are optimal.

An easily durable and reliable hold, .

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor* use
  • Ultra-strong hold
  • Holds up to 10 kg** per 10 cm tape
  • Holds on most smooth, sufficient firm surfaces
  • *Not UV-resistant. Protect from direct contact with water.
  • **For flat objects up to 10 mm thick

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