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tesa® Double Sided tape Powerbond Transparent 1.5mx19mm


  • $850.00

tesa Powerbond® TRANSPARENT is designed to give a quick, secure and permanent hold on all smooth and sufficiently firm surfaces.

It is crystal clear and extra thin and will stick to any suitably firm flat surface such as glass, mirrors, tiles, wood and most plastics. In good bonding conditions, a strip of just 10 cm is enough to hold a weight of up to 2 kg. Easy to use – all you need is a pair of scissors.

This tape ensures a durable, reliable hold of 2 kg per 10 cm strip under optimum conditions.
Ideal for glass and transparent objects


  • Crystal clear and extra-thin
  • Holds up to 2 kg* per 10 cm tape
  • Holds on glass, tiles, plaster, wood and most plastics
  • *For flat objects up to 10 mm thick and on most smooth, sufficiently firm surfaces

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