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 At edding our aim is to provide the perfect solution and application for our numerous
target groups.


Categories under edding

Education and Presentation                              Writing, Highlighting and Correction


Permanent Marking                                             Creating and Decorating


Colour and Play                                                   Organising and Maintaining at home


Repairing and Maintaining at home                     Professional Marking


Professional markers for our specialist users, teaching and presentation aids, printer cartridges and toners, all form as important a role in our range as the intelligent solutions designed to help you organise and repair your home.

Fans of Creating and Decorating can select from a wide range of pens and markers
available in an array of brilliant colours. So whether you are working on paper or more
specific materials such as wood, porcelain or metal - striking results are guaranteed.

And there‘s something for children too - our Colour and Play range features a wide
selection of high-quality, safe products that are not only fun to use, but also help to
support children‘s creative development.

Our many experts at edding are just as versatile, both in terms of marketing and product development, focusing on their target group and incorporating user feedback directly into account when developing future product ranges and communication tools.
But there's one thing that all our employees have in common - they have edding ink running through their veins, which ensures that only genuine edding quality ends up on the shelves.

Finally, independent studies have shown that our extensive range of services and the
excellent cooperation with trusted partners, has been delivering mutual success
and satisfied consumers for many years.


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